Elma B-scope 500 video endoscope

- with photo and video recorder!

EAN 5706445840076 / EL-NR 6398206455
See the details wherever it’s needed. Inside the wall or in a gearbox. All inspection tasks are easier to perform with ELMA B-scope 500. Many professions are presented for tasks, where it’s essential to be able to see hidden details. Such tasks are made easy with this endoscope: Easy to set up, use and document the inspection tasks. The ability to document the jobs is unique and gives the user great opportunity to offer a more complete inspection performance. With a probe diameter of 6mm and the ability to connect probes of up to 3m, the instrument can be used in a variety of places. The endoscope has built-in light source, with 10 different levels. Video and photo function and the included software makes it possible to edit video clips and images to match the documentation needs. The endoscope has internal memory, but it’s possible to install SD card up to 8 gigabytes, which is enough space for a lot of movies and pictures. The endoscope can be connected to an external monitor for even greater view. Elma B-scope 500 comes complete in hard case, with 1m probe, software, instruction manual, charger, mirror and magnet and cables, complete and ready to use.
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Technical data:

Focus :
10 mm - ∞
Viewing angle :
55 °
Operating temperature :
0 ... 45 ° C
Probe length :
1m (3m as accessory)
Diameter :
Resolution :
320 x 240 pixels
Display :
Photo Format :
SD card slot :
Max 8Gbyte
Video output :
Batteries :
3.7 V 1800mAh rechargeable
Dimensions :
240x160x100 mm
Weight :
584 g
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Elma B-scope 500 video endoscope
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