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Elma X one - True RMS multi and voltage tester

With Elma X One, Elma is reinventing the voltage tester. Never have there been so many smart and well though out functions in one instrument. Elma X One is a smart true RMS multitester which combines the voltage tester with open current clamps in a very slim design. Suitable for work with the power on.

  • Voltage test, 2 pole with LEDs 12...1.000V AC/DC
  • True RMS voltage measurement with display 7...1.000V AC/DC
  • True RMS current measurement with very slim cucrrent clamps 0-200A
  • Resistance measurement 0-50kΩ and continuity test
  • Voltage test, 1 pole, indicating phase
  • Phase rotation test, 2 pole
  • Large clear illuminated display and bright LEDs
  • Self-test and auto on/off function
  • True voltagetest also without batteries - suitable for work with the power on
  • Meets the voltage tester directive for working with the power off
  • Very powerfull interchangeable test leads with 4mm standard plug
  • Interchangeable test leads tips 2/4mm
  • Built-in powerful flashlight
  • Comes with handy bag for the belt

Elma X One complies with IEC 61010-1 Cat IV 600V / IEC 61243-3:2014 and comes complete with batteries, test leads, manuel and handy bag

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Elma Laser x360, three axis 360˚ lines, green for extended visibility

The brand new Elma Laser x360 line- and X laser is equipped with the latest technology, using green laser light, for enhanced visibility. The human eye is about 4 times more responsive to green light, than classic red, increasing the visible range remarkable, both in- and out doors. Elma Laser x360 provides perfect markings even in long range, eliminating the need to draw on the floor, walls and ceilings. This makes  the task of installing shelfs, paintings, kitchen tables etc.

Elma Laser x360 is indicating single, dual or triple axis 360˚, for perfect leveling in all dimensions. Fast and easy, and you have both hands free to work. Just place the laser and turn it on, it's as simple as that.

Forget about time consuming, accurate leveling of the instrument. Elma Laser x360 is self leveling, and if the deviation is too big, the laser will indicate by fast blinking, making operating error impossible. Besides horizontal and vertical 360˚ lines, you are able to make straight lines in sloping angles, useful e.g. for stairways etc. Lock the Elma Laser x360 to deactivate the self leveling mechanism, and set the angle, simply by placing on standard tripod or on the supplied magnetic adapter. When the leveling is locked, the instrument will indicate, by blinking every 3 second, to prevent mistakes. As additional safety against errors, Elma Laser x360 can't be turned off, when the lock is deactivated, securing the pendulum suspension against transport damage.

Elma Laser x360 all dimension laser is delivered ready to use in nylon bag, including batteries, manual and magnetic adapter.


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Elma 609 no-touch skin thermometer

Using Elma 609, you can fast and safe, without contact, measure body surface temperature. Point the thermometer at the forehead at about 5 to 15 cm and instantly read out the temperature.

Elma 609 is delivered with two ranges, body temperature 32…42.5°C and surface temperature 0…60°C with 0.1°C resolution. The instrument is delivered with several clever e.g. memory for 32 measurements, alarm limits, auto datahold and auto power off, for extended battery life.

Elma 609 is ideal for quick scan for body temperature and fever, but also for other surfaces. The instrument fulfills relevant medical standards like EN 980, EN 1041, EN 60601-1 EN 60601-1-2 and ASTM E1965-1998. Supplied ready for use incl. bag, battery and manual.

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It’s not just for looks!

As you might have noticed, if you have visited us before, we have redesigned our homepage. But it is not just for looks. Far from it. First of all there is the responsive design. So no matter what platform you are on, you should be getting the best possible experience. On top of that we have done our outmost to make it easy for you to search for information as well as find and download manuals and documentation. Last but not least we have made it possible for you to do your shopping directly from the site. We welcome you to this all new Elma Instruments experience. 

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